Book Review ‘Only Time Will Tell’ by Jeffrey Archer


Review on Only Time Will Tell

The book ‘Only Time Will Tell‘ was published worldwide in 2011 written by a famous writer Jeffrey Archer. it was first introduced   by Jeffrey Archer himself in Banglore, India in March 2011, as a beginning of a global book tour.  It is a series of 7 books in Clifton Chronicles and it’s the first part of this series. Jeffrey Archer described each character’s point of view in this book which is not found easily in any other books, and due to this uniqueness this book really in the priority list of the readers and hence the novel instantly after a day of release became a bestseller. 

The Story starts with main character Harry Clifton who always questioned his mother about his father’s death. All he’s know that his father has been killed while fighting in the great war. He belongs to a poor family who hardly get proper meal. His mother Maisie Clifton working as a waitress in a tea shop. He likes to spend his time at dockyard where his uncle stan worked. Old Jack tar was only one real friend he made at the dockyard. His uncle warned him to keep maintain distance from Jack Ta

Only Time Will Tell by Jeffrey Archer

He wins a scholarship of choir school ‘St bede’. Deakins and Giles Barrington become friends of Harry in his new school ‘St Bede’. Harry Clifton fell in love with Giles’s sister Emma Barrington. Later, In this story Harry discovers the truth about how his father really died and even he was his father.  When he got to know about the truth he left everything and join second world war the fight against Hitler’s Germany. It is not the end of story. The story continues in ‘The sins of the father’ which is the second part of this series. The novel is all about a past secret, a hidden destiny and a battle for the truth. 

Movie on Only Time Will Tell

No movie has been made based on the book ‘Only Time Will Tell’. written by Jeffrey Archer the number one bestseller. Although, there are many fan made clips uploaded on youtube, this book lovers can see those clips for fun.   

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