Review on the book ‘After’ by Anna Todd

Review on After

The novel – After by Anna Todd is the very interesting book it is based on college students, their life, day to day struggles, and their relationships with family and friends. This book is a series of five books, in addition to this story, there are three more books which tell the story from few instances in the novel. Basically, the novel is based on a love story which is quite different and unique in its own way. In the book – Tessa, a sweet, ambitious and well-mannered girl who has a perfect boyfriend, got moved out of the house due to college and where she met with a boy named Hardin. Hardin is very different from her boyfriend, he has tousled brown hair, many tattoos on his body and his lip have a ring. This British accent guy is so arrogant and they never get along.

For all his attitude and behavior towards her, Tessa should detest Hardin. Also, she does—until the point that she gets herself alone with him in his room. Something about his dark and cold behavior gets her, and when they kiss something touches off inside her, something she’s never known. It was all so passionate and urgent, she felt a spark inside her when she was around Hardin. He is the one who makes her see all the things which she never thought of, he made her do all the stuff she never tried in her life. All these things made her curious to know more about Hardin.

He called her beautiful, but at the same time, he realized her that she is not his type. Tessa tried to stay away from him but found it very difficult. Despite the cruel and cold behavior of Hardin, Tessa found herself falling in love with him and tried to find out the real Hardin beneath all his tattoos, and his attitude. He pushes her away over and over, yet every time she pushes back, he just pulls her in more profound manner.  the story continues in ‘after we collided’ book.

Movie on After

The movie has the same name ‘After‘ announced back in 2014. Fans have been waiting for more information on when it would be released. The movie will be probably released in 2019.

About the author

Anna Todd

Anna todd the author of after series was born on 20 March 1989. Anna started composing stories on her phone with the Wattpad application(App) in 2013. After has more than 1.5 billion reads on the site. The print version, distributed in 2014 by Gallery Books, an imprint of Simon and Schuster, has more than 15 million duplicates available for use, has been distributed in more than 30 languages and is a number 1 success in Italy, Germany, France, and Spain.

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