Book review on ‘Undercover’ by Danielle Steel

Review on Undercover

The book ‘Undercover’ is a fiction novel about an undercover agent Marshall Everett. It was written by an American author Danielle Steel published in 2015 on 27 August.

Undercover by Danielle Steel

Marshall Everett an undercover agent lost his pregnant girlfriend while working on assignment as undercover agent. He has no family and friends.  He wanted to go back into the field. He never wanted to work in office so, his agency send him white house for the job of guarding president. President and his family make him feel like family. He got shot while saving president’s daughter Amelia. That bullet ends his career in secret service. He decided to move to Paris.

Ariana Gregory is a editor of online fashion magazine and daughter of new ambassador of united states. She was kidnapped and demanded $20 million by kidnappers. She fell in love with Jorge, leader of the gang and becomes pregnant. She lost everything her unborn child, her lover and her father. Marshall saw Ariana buring small tin box in park which was given by Jorge. Dangerous forces observe each move of her. Marshall and Ariana face many challenges together later in story. The two characters Ariana and Marshall both have cherished and lost. The book ‘Undercover’ has seventeen chapters. First five chapters based on Marshall next five chapters based on Ariana and the other seven chapters based on both Marshall and Ariana

Danielle Steel-The Author of Undercover

Danielle Steel is Famous for her writing. She is an American Novelist born on 14 August (1947)in New York City. She wrote her first novel ‘Going Home’ at the age of nineteen. She was the only child of her parent. Danielle Steel also wrote non-fiction books, children’s books and poetry. Her many international bestsellers include The Gift, Changes, The Long Road Home, Prodigal Son, Big Girl, Play Power, The Sins Of The Mother. 

Danielle Steel

She wrote many quotes.

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